New Jersey Singles Reviews Simple Tips to Survive a Breakup

Breakups can really shake your world.  There you are: crazy in love with someone you thought would be the one.  As soon as you fell in love with this man, you couldn’t imagine your life without him.  But now he is gone, and your heart is laying on the floor in a thousand pieces.

You’re feeling pretty lost right now and don’t know how to escape the pain.  We all feel this way after a breakup, but life doesn’t end just because your relationship did.  You can—and will—get back on your feet again.

In our nearly 30 years in the industry of love, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles have helped thousands of singles come together.  But we have also helped those whose relationships fell apart.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to get back on your feet after a breakup.  Read on and you’ll realize you’re not alone, many women have been here before, and just like them, you will come out of this devastating breakup stronger than ever.

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1. Return to Yourself

No matter how comfortable and secure you are in a relationship, and no matter how happy you are as an individual, it’s easy to get lost in a relationship and go from “I” to “we,” which makes a breakup a painful reality when it hits.

But remember that you’re still you.  Of course it hurts to be alone, especially after experiencing the greatness of love.  You gave up your weekends with your gal pals and stopped binge-watching your weekend shows just to be with your boyfriend who is now gone from your life.

But now that you’re single, it’s time to get back to being yourself again.  Start using your free time to do all those little things you neglected and get back to everything that makes you who you are.  It is not too late to reclaim yourself and everything you enjoy about life.  If fact, we want you to use the breakup as the excuse to find yourself.

Take up new hobbies and interests, or get back to old ones.  Reconnect with old friends and start spending time with family, especially now that the holidays are here.  You have plenty of time on your hands to do as you want, and when you get back to the things you once enjoyed, it will help you heal from the breakup.

So whether you like yoga, writing, reading, or running, get back to doing those things, because that’s exactly what you need to get back on your feet right now.

2. Lean on Your Best Friends

Your best friends want to help you get through this very difficult time.  The best friend manual basically says that your friends will always be there when you need them the most.  You know it and we know it: they’ll be happy to be there for you right now.

Invite your friends over for a dinner date at home.  Don’t feel like cooking?  Don’t worry, order some take-out and settle in for a night of talking.

Warning: Do not watch romantic comedies with happy endings.  Simply enjoy each other’s company and talk your hearts out.  Your friends are going to help you survive this breakup; after all, that’s what good friends are for!

4. Remain Single Until You’re Healed

You might think that the best way to get over your ex is by moving on and finding someone else.  Unfortunately, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers know this is the worst idea ever.

Right now, your heart is shattered into a thousand pieces.  You were recently dumped, or maybe you did the dumping.  It doesn’t really matter, you are not healed yet.  The best thing you can do is remain single until you are truly healed and ready to move on.

If you think that being single is awful, imagine how it will feel to be stuck with the wrong person.  Plus, you need to come to terms with being single before you can get into another relationship.

You don’t need a man to define you, and you don’t need a relationship to be happy.  You are an awesome, confident, and independent woman who just happens to be single, at least for the time being.

5. Make the Most of Your Single Days

No matter how bitter you feel about dating right now, you don’t want to be single forever.  Sure, you might hate your single status, especially now that the holidays are here.  And it goes without saying that you did not plan to spend the holidays alone.

You probably thought he was going to be the one.  Maybe you even imagined your future wedding.  But you just encountered a rude awakening.

It’s a good idea to make the most out of your single days, because believe it or not, they won’t last long.  This is your time to shine, so embrace the fact that you are on your own and that you don’t have to answer to anyone.

Hang out with your friends, hit the town, get closer with your family, or devote yourself to work.  These are the things you should be doing right now.  When you start dating, which we know you will, you’ll be glad you took the time to do those things when you did.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for our readers that will help them get through their breakup?  What do you think about our list?  Did it work for you?  Share your comments with us on Facebook… We would love to hear from you!

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