New Jersey Singles Reviews – Karen M. Positive Feedback

Everyone told me that a relationship was easy with the right person, which is very frustrating to hear when you’re either in the wrong relationship or have been single for a while.  After working with the matchmakers at New Jersey Singles, I’m here to say that those people were right.  On my quest to find love, I tried it all.  I tried meeting people at the local bars, I let my friends and coworkers set me up on dates, I tried online dating sites and even mobile dating apps, but let’s not go there please.  After a particularly hard breakup, I figured it was time for something new.  I had literally tried it all and didn’t know where to turn, and that’s when I heard an advertisement on the radio for New Jersey Singles Dating Service in Lawrenceville.

New Jersey Singles made a few introductions on my behalf, after listening to my desires in a partner.  They listened to my feedback about my dates and made more introductions each better than the last.  After my devastating breakup, nothing was going to stop me anymore.  The team at New Jersey Singles really understood what I was looking for in a partner and delivered introductions based on that.

The professional matchmakers at New Jersey Singles are not interested in simply making any match.  They want to make the right match from day one.  It’s wonderful to work with someone who truly gets me and who I truly get as well.  Thanks to NJ Singles and my matchmaker’s hard work to get it right, I can finally say I’m sharing my life with someone I’m compatible with.  Our lives are full of laughter, happiness, and love, and I never would have found this person if it wasn’t for the matchmakers at NJ Singles.  If you are really ready to find your soul mate, I would suggest you give New Jersey Singles a call today.  They go above and beyond simply setting you up on a date.  For me, they provided me with guidance and insightful advice to help me get through the difficult time I was having in my dating life.  They help me work through my dating frustrations and gave me hope for my romantic life.  Now matchmaking isn’t something free, but you get what you pay for, and the results truly speak for themselves.

I found that New Jersey Singles excels at making the impossible happen.  They have saved me time, headaches, and money on my quest for love.  I have referred a number of friends, coworkers, and family members to them.  I can’t thank my matchmaker enough for making the perfect match.

Karen M. – Age 40 – Lawrenceville, New Jersey