New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Latest Rules for Dating Today

You might be used to making the rules in your business life, but following someone else’s rules elsewhere might be a little challenging for you.  Maybe you’ve been in a relationship and haven’t dated in a while, or maybe you’ve been too busy to date and finally freed up some time but are now finding that the NJ dating scene is nothing like it used to be.  Don’t worry, our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service have your back!

Our professional matchmakers have compiled the top five latest dating rules you need to follow to have a healthy dating life and eventually a happy and long-lasting relationship.

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1. Always Be Charming

The rise of technology has dramatically changed the way people interact with one another.  Kicking good old-fashioned manners to the curb.  In what feels like such a complicated dating scene, a charming and engaging gentleman will stand out from the competition.  Do not be afraid to tell your stories, have fun, and engage her in conversation.  Never let your charm and good manners get lost in the modern dating world.

2. Protect Yourself

It is very important to protect yourself in your dating life.  This tip is especially for women who are turning to online dating sites or using mobile dating apps to meet men.  If someone seems too good to be true, it’s probably because they are—believe us.  Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of in today’s dating world.  Also, with the rise of the hookup culture today, our matchmakers want you to be in a committed relationship before you say yes to sex—always protect and respect yourself.

3. Don’t Reveal It All at Once

This tip is for both sexes.  While you don’t want to come off as secretive in your dating life, you also don’t want to reveal everything all at once.  In the beginning stages of dating, it’s okay to lean towards the brief side and leave them wanting more.  There is no need to share everything on the first few dates.  For example, if you went through a divorce or messy breakup, keep it short and simple.  There’s no need to drag it out and go into all the gory details.

4. Heal Before Moving On

One of the most frequent questions our New Jersey Singles matchmakers get is how long after a breakup they should wait before dating again.  But only you can answer that question.  The best way to get over a partner is to heal and love yourself before you start dating again.  Before you come back to the dating scene, examine your emotional state and make sure you’re not just dating to rebound.

5. Don’t Be Too Eager

It might be tempting to spend all your free time with your new love interest, but being too eager can be a huge turn off.  Instead of blowing plans with your friends, passing on work seminars, or skipping the gym after work, go do the things you’ve always done.  Have a good time and enjoy your life the way you did before you met this new person.  Maintaining your independence is a huge turn on for men and women.

The most important rule of modern dating is simply protecting yourself, and that can be difficult to do with online dating sites and mobile dating apps.  If you want to ensure the person you’re dating is exactly who they say they are, contact New Jersey Singles today.  We use a very thorough vetting and screening process that ensures only quality singles who are fit to date existing clients.

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