New Jersey Singles Dating Service Reviews Signs to Look for on a 1st Date

Your date seems nice, but are they the right person for you?  Find out as New Jersey Singles reviews the signs you need to look out for on your first date.  These signs will help you figure out if they’re worth another shot.

Everyone knows that first dates are full of anxiety, but just like there are bad dates, there are also good ones.  But at the same time, a first date isn’t always a definitive factor; after all, everyone is nervous.

Who knows, for all you know, your date might have had a bad week at work or maybe they’re going through some financial stress, which is affecting their mindset.  We know it takes a few dates to find out if the person is going to be right for you; however, there are a few red flags you can check off right off the bat.  These things might not show themselves on a first date, some might show on the second, but it definitely pays off to keep an eye for them in the dating world.

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Signs to Look Out for During Your First Date

To ensure you’re not dating someone who is a nut job or simply not what you’re after, keep your eyes peeled for the following signs.

1. They Don’t Care about Their Looks

When you’re out on a first date, the most important thing you need to do is take care of your appearance.  You will probably wear something that is appealing like a nice dress shirt or a cute dress because you want to look appropriate and attractive for the person you’re out with.  But if you notice that your date has not put any efforts into their looks and looks like they just crawled over a football field, that’s a huge red flag.

Oh, but it’s not just clothes you need to keep an eye for.  You should also look at their hygiene.  Dirty nails, greasy hair, earwax, or unsightly hairs are just a few tell-tale signs they did not prepare themselves for the date.  Body odor is something else you might want to watch out for.  All the above things tell you the person does not care about what impression they give to you.  Is that really someone you want to date?

2. Acting Rude

Whether your date is being rude to you or to the wait staff, it’s never a good sign.  To their benefit, you need to give them a few chances, but if you notice they continue being rude, you might have to call the date short.  There is no reason for them to belittle someone or be rude to them.

3. Arrogance

Many people in today’s dating world can’t help but to brag.  They go on and on about how much money they make, all the awards they have received in the past, or how much weight they lift at the gym.  Of course there are people who are genuinely proud about what they accomplish, which is perfectly fine, but if you notice the entire conversation revolves around them, then you should keep your eye on that.

4. Low Self-Esteem

This is the opposite of the bullet point above, but it’s also very annoying. There are people in today’s dating scene that are constantly putting themselves down.  People with low self-esteem will put their achievements down to make you feel sorry for them.  Keep an eye for this type of people because dating them will have you feeling exhausted.

5. Those Who Are Looking to Be Rescued

This is not to be mistaken for having low self-esteem.  The difference here is that your date is looking for you to save them.  Keep an eye if they ask you to help them, even with the smallest things.  At first, you might like to be their savior, especially the men reading this, but here at New Jersey Singles, we know dating this type of person will leave you exhausted as well.

6. Oversharing

Some people in today’s dating scene feel the need to share everything about themselves within the first ten minutes of conversation.  Sharing too much too soon is an unhealthy behavior.  There are certain things that should be kept private and be revealed with time.

7. Being Hung Up on an Ex

Talking about someone’s ex on a first date is acceptable, but only if it’s done for a limited amount of time.  However, if you find yourself on a date with someone who goes on and on (and on) about their ex, it’s obvious they’re still not over them.  They are either looking for a rebound relationship or want someone to vent to.  Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers want to save you time and efforts from being wasted on this type of person.

8. People Whose Lives Are Made Up

Keep an eye for those people whose lives seem to be so good it sounds fake. If everything sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

9. Clingy Behaviors

It feels good to know when someone you’re out with is into you, but when they begin to act too clingy, that’s when things get weird.  Signs to keep an eye for are excessive text messages, inappropriate jealousy, or picking fights.  If someone is this possessive or jealous on a first date, can you imagine what it would be like once you’re dating?

10. Being Too into Their Phone

If you’re out with someone who is constantly checking out their phone, then it shows that they are more interested in their phone than you.  Honestly, why would you like to go out with someone who has an unhealthy attachment to their cell phone?

11. Being Too Touchy

If you have not given them any sign that you’re okay with touching, your date should never touch you.  Touching starts at the hands if both parties are okay with it; however, if your date already has their arm around you, then it shows they are trying to escalate the relationship fairly fast.  Women especially, we want you to beware of this type of behavior.

Sometimes it’s easy to be smitten by someone and overlook these signs.  But if you keep your eye peeled for them, you will save yourself a lot of troubles down the road.

If you’re tired of going out with the wrong people, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality singles who fit your dating criteria.  No more searching for dates on your own because our expert matchmakers do all the hard work of searching and screening for you.  We leave you to the fun part of dating, meeting incredible singles who share the same lifestyle and goals as you!