4 New Jersey Singles Dating After 50

Matchmaking service Colts Necks, New Jersey Singles, offers helpful advice for dating in your 50’s.

Dating at any age shouldn’t scare you; after all, there are thousands of singles in New Jersey who are currently looking for their ideal partner, that special someone to settle down and share life with.

Today, the dating and matchmaking specialists from New Jersey Singles will review some helpful advice on how to make dating after 50 easier.

With a huge number of people currently searching for love, and the number of divorces skyrocketing, it’s no wonder that many people in their 50’s are currently searching for love.  Dating at any age has its issues, but dating after 50 seems to bring on more stress for many people.  Whether you’re re-entering the dating scene after a tough divorce, the loss of a beloved spouse, or a just a long hiatus from dating, don’t worry.  Today, the dating and matchmaking specialists from New Jersey Singles will show you how to navigate the dating scene after 50.

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Tip #1: Go at Your Own Pace

Although many people believe that the older you get, the slower you should approach things, New Jersey dating experts know dating shouldn’t be one of those things.  By now, you have had a lot of experience in life; you know more about what makes you happy and you know exactly how to get it.  Now, after 50, you should feel confident going at your own dating pace because you know exactly what you want.  Figure out how fast you’re willing to go in a relationship and how far you want it to go, then look for partners who are going in the same direction you are and don’t settle for anything less.

Tip #2: Let Go of Your Emotional Baggage

At the age of 50, you have lived long enough and been around the block; you know that some of your experiences have come with heartbreak and damage.  Ex-spouses, bad relationships, and anything that weighs you down should be checked at the front door.  In order to let go of the unhealthy emotional baggage, you must find ways to release your stress.

Engage in vigorous physical activities, hang out with good friends, and take on new activities that feed your spirit. If you are not able to let go of those negative things that weigh you down, then New Jersey Singles dating experts suggest you get a dating coach or therapist to help you overcome them and move on with your life in a positive mindset.

Tip #3: Pursue Dates Who Share the Same Interests

The best way to find dates who share your interests is to participate in your interests regularly, especially those which require a group setting.  Focus your attention on activities you enjoy; sports, classes, charitable events, and things that mean something to you.  When you participate in things you like and are out and about meeting new people, you will get to see how they interact with other people, which can tell you a lot about their character.  When you meet a partner who you are compatible with and share common interests with, you’ll have a better chance at a long term relationship.

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Tip #4: Let Go of Relationship Issues

Many people who are over 50 have family and financial obligations that younger people don’t have.  Economic issues are very real at this age, so be prepared to split the costs of your dates in half, and even signing prenuptial agreements should the relationship get to that point.  You might also have to deal with children who might not be happy to see you in a new relationship, so be prepared to deal with other personal issues while dating as well.

Tip #5: Let Go of Your Insecurities about Being Single

If you’ve been in a long term relationship, it might have been years since the last time you dated, and maybe you’re feeling a little self-conscious about how rusty you are in comparison to others.  You might feel shy about introducing yourself to a stranger, you might fear going to a party alone, or calling someone to ask them out on a date.  In order to combat this, New Jersey Singles dating experts suggest working on your social muscles.  That’s right, you need to practice making small talk with strangers.  Whether you’re at the grocery store doing your weekly shopping or at the local coffee shop grinding your coffee, don’t be afraid to smile and strike up a conversation with someone around you.  When they respond, ask them a follow-up question and engage them.  You see, it’s that simple; that’s how you start a conversation and put your shyness behind you.

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Tip #6: Know Where to Find Singles

There are many places to meet singles in New Jersey, and not just at local bars or nightclubs (since they will likely be packed with younger people).  If you are looking to meet compatible partners, you can start at workshops, social clubs, volunteer groups, and even professional matchmaking services.  Professional matchmaking services are perhaps the easiest and safest way for singles over 50 to meet like-minded singles who are after the same thing out of dating, a serious and meaningful companionship.

Tip #7: Learn to Listen

Many singles over 50 are a little rusty when it comes to dating, causing them to act nervous and overcompensate by trying too hard to make a good first impression.  Many blab on about what they want to do, they talk about their past, and what they want in a partner.  When this happens, the other person isn’t able to get a word in, making things awkward and dull.

A common complaint heard from women in the dating world is: “All he talked about was himself, his career, and his car.  When he finally got around to asking me about myself, he stopped listening after the first minute.”

… The message to all singles, quit worrying about what your date thinks about you and ask yourself a question:  What do you think about them?  Do you feel comfortable around them?  Are you liking what you’re hearing from them?  If you’re out on a first date, ask them questions like what they do in their spare time, how they feel about certain topics, or where they see themselves in the future so you can get a better grasp to see if they’re compatible with you.

The idea is to stay connected and involved.  Try to meet as many people as you can, volunteer, enroll yourself in classes, even hire a professional matchmaker.  If you are self-assured, you make dating a priority, and pursue things with love, you will soon find love.

If you’re having trouble meeting like-minded singles on your own, contact the dating and matchmaking specialists at New Jersey Singles to set up a consultation and find out how they can help you improve your romantic life after 50!